Fire to Fork Dining

Long before dining restrictions were put in place, given the choice to dine outside versus inside, I will always choose outside. Few restaurants, if any, can provide the ambiance, scenery, aromas, and memorable experience that outdoor dining does. You know how much we love food and cannabis and bringing those to you in a unique way. Being outdoors around an open fire does exactly that.

Food and Cannabis are medicinal, therefore should be shared with nature. Our immersive outdoor dining experiences and Fire to Fork cooking style allows us to spend time outside, creating beautiful, infused dishes over the flames.

Open fire cooking provides the luxury to cook just about anywhere, the World is our Kitchen. Let’s talk about your special celebration and how we can help make it memorable. These are extraordinary times, and many things we love to do have halted. But birthdays and anniversaries still fall on the same day and the need to gather with friends has become more important than ever. Our Fire to Fork Cannabis infused dining provides a safe, outdoor environment for any gathering. We will bring all the necessary equipment and set up an outdoor kitchen at your location. From there, we will provide chefs trained in open flame cooking who will create amazing dishes. We pair that with music, art, awareness, and herbal wellness for a total mental, physical, and spiritual euphoria.

Don’t have a suitable outdoor space? Follow us to learn about Chamba Life’s Fire to Fork dining at locations chosen by us. We invite guest to mingle over infused cocktails and smoke pairings before being seated to enjoy seasonally focused dishes. We like our guests to engage with the staff, cooking, and conversation. With each meal, our guests receive a world of well-crafted tastes and refined dining in an intimate setting.

We look forward to dining with you soon.

Edgar Ramon

Founder Chamba Life, LLC.

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Fire to Fork Dining

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